Subtitling & Screen Adaptation

Subtitling & Screen Adaptation

Subtitling is an exciting task especially if you enjoy watching movies. We love watching and working at the same time. Precision in subtitling is very important as this is what determines the final product.

We work within the standard subtitling requirements to ensure that videos we work on meet the best market standards.

Subtitling services are required for any video that has an international audience.

Subtitles are used by:

• Enterprises showcasing the advantages of its products through videos online
• Studio releasing film to be featured in foreign markets
• Organizations producing documentaries in different languages
• Videos that need closed-captions to be accessed by the deaf or people with hearing difficulty.
• E-learning platforms that host video lessons, lectures and tutorials for a multinational audience.
• Instructional videos on web site or YouTube

We work with subtitle translators that are native speakers of the target language. They guarantee that your subtitles sound just right and tell the right story to your audience. Other team members handle the technical aspects of synchronization, subtitle structure, as well as where needed, integrating the subtitles into the video.

Subtitle files may be provided in any of the supported formats that you will require. Subtitling rates are usually set per minute of the source video. We may provide you with a detailed estimate based on the task details, source and target languages, time frames, audio quality and so forth.

Let’s talk about how we can assist you to reach all of your target audiences in a hustle free manner.

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